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Michigan Man Calls Police to Complain About Prostitute Price Hike

by Alex Frias on 09/04/12

Gas prices soared again this week, Hurricane Isaac left the already battered Louisiana coast area under water and without power, and an unassuming Michigan man called police to complain that the prostitute he agreed to pay for sex, unexpectedly increased the price.  

These are difficult economic times [for most people] and I suppose for this Michigan man as well, who fortunately for him managed to avoid arrest. 

I guess he tried to fix a 'wrong' in society in his own peculiar way.  The woman was in fact arrested.

However, dialing 911 is obviously not the answer every time you feel the squeeze of the economy, although it would feel almost right to do so a times.  

They say there's a war against the middle class and others say the rich pay too much taxes.  Either way, bankruptcy works for both the little guy.. as well as the big guy.  

Although probably not for this guy.

By the way debts incurred as a result of criminal activity is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.






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